HackTheBox - How to get invite code


Link https://www.hackthebox.eu/invite

Firstly, try to find any interesting hidden folders.

These are folders I found: image _image_png/ js css password _password_reset/ login invite _storage_companies/ Error 403: Error 404: Source not found

try input “”

pic1 XSRF Protection

Then try https://www.hackthebox.eu/invite/id Code 404 error pic2

Try to find some in robots.txt but there is nothing pic3

Injection will be blocked https://www.hackthebox.eu/invite/%3CsCript%3Ealert(1);%3C/scRiPt%3E


Look at the source code /inviteapi.min.js. file looks like the key point to get the invite code. pic5

See I found this — “makeInviteCode”, let’s try to find its contents pic6

Just type makeInviteCode() in Console and see what will happen. pic7 There is a response and an encoded text hide there.

Use CyberChef to decode ROT13 pic8

Way 1 : Send POST request in Terminal pic9

Way 2: In Chrome Developer Tool -> Console pic10

Use CyberChef to decode The text looks like be encoded by Base64, then try to decode it pic11 Then copy and paste and click btn Sign up! pic12 Bingo pic13

Looks cool at the Dashboard~ more challenges are w8ing for me! pic14

kali tools: ident-user-enum (Port 113/TCP) Description: Query ident to determine the owner of a TCP network process ident-user-enum is a simple PERL script to query the ident service (113/TCP) in order to determine the owner of the process listening on each TCP port of a target system. This can help to prioritise target service during a pentest (you might want to attack services running as root first). Alternatively, the list of usernames gathered can be used for password guessing attacks on other network services.

Challenge Lernaean 1. Access, use command openvpn xxx.ovpn 2. Launch Instance 3. Open the page with port num  pic15

  1. Tried to type in some wrong text and get response “Invalid password”
  2. Learn how to use Brup Suite to get more info behind the scene. Problem: Poor connection after proxy manual setup. No idea how to use it correctly